Internship Policy

Internship for Credits

  • In order to earn 2 credits of internship prescribed under the institute curriculum, each student is normally required to undergo professional exposure beyond the classroom in an Industry / Research or Technical Institute /Research Lab for a period of at least 6 to 8 weeks, preferably 8 weeks for effective engagement.
  • Internship prescribed under curriculum will be done by each student with the approval of the Institute during the vacation period immediately after 4th or 6th semester.
  • The students who opt their internship in the summer vacation after 4th semester through institute channel viz. faculty or visiting faculty contacts or the institute portal will be evaluated for the credits. In the event, the performance of the student is found unsatisfactory; he/she will not be allowed to register for an Internship through the portal during the 6th semester. They will be required to make their own arrangements to complete their internship credit requirements towards the degree. If students performance is found exemplary, they will be allowed to use the CDC support for a second time for an internship after their 6th semester. The second internship will however not be graded.
  • The credits will be awarded by an evaluation procedure evolved by the concerned department based on the training report submitted by the student, presentation, and mentor’s input immediately after successful completion of the internship.
  • If the performance of the student who opts internship after the 6th semester is unsatisfactory, they would be allowed to undertake the Internship during the vacation after the 7th semester till satisfactorily completing their internship credits for the award of the degree.

Finding Internship

  • Students can find Internships on their own or through Career Development Cell (CDC). The task of finding an internship via CDC for Industrial Internship is a collective effort by the students and the institute Training and Placement Officer (TPO). The faculty coordinators will facilitate/guide and oversee the activities, and assist the students and TPO wherever needed.

Internship Registration

  • If students opting for Internship through Institute, then the recruitment process consists of the following steps: 
    • All 2nd and 3rd-year students interested in getting an Internship through the Institute are required to register in the Internship portal. 
    • Student’s internship registration process: Only registered students will be able to take part in further processes to get an Internship through the Institute. All other students will be treated as Not Interested /Off- Campus/Non-CDC (Career Development Cell) track. We encourage such students to inform their internship status to the CDC for records.
    • Company registration process: the company will fill the Internship Notification Form (INF). The INF serves as an introduction of the internship profile for the benefit of the candidates and also informs them of the company's requirements. 
    • After a company registers on the portal and it is approved by the CDC, the company profiles will be made available on the portal. Students must check the portal regularly to see if there are company profiles for which they are eligible to apply. If they are, then the student may upload their resume for this profile.
    • The company will be allotted dates for conducting Pre-Placement Talk (PPT)/Written Test/Online Test, with a request to confirm the same by a specified date. 
    • The company visits the campus on scheduled dates and conducts the Written/Online Test/GD/Interview as part of their intern selection procedure during the time frame assigned to them. 
    • Company is suggested to prepare a list of waitlisted students in order of their merit. In the event that a selected student drops out from the list of selected candidates, the waitlist will become operational, and the company will be informed of the same. 
    • Waitlisted students who have not received any offers may continue to participate in the Internship process.
    • Once a student has been given an offer by a company, he/she will be de-registered from the Internship process irrespective of whether he/she accepts or declines the offer.
    • A student who has uploaded his/her resume for a company is required to go through all the subsequent steps required by the company for which he/she is eligible. Disengaging from the process in the middle without prior approval from the TPO / Internship advisor will lead to the student being subjected to disciplinary actions (after a hearing).
    • The students are expected to follow all deadlines. No requests for extension of deadlines will be entertained. However, special cases may be brought to the notice of the Internship cell for a final decision. 
    • The dates for interviews/tests will be decided by the CDC keeping in mind the best interests of a majority of the students and shall be duly notified to the concerned students at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled activity. No requests for change of dates will be entertained. Students are expected to check the Internship portal frequently to keep them informed. 
    • Slots for interviews/GDs for each student will be decided by TPO and faculty coordinator. If a student requires a change in slot timings for a valid reason, then they should inform the concerned faculty coordinator and TPO at the earliest. If the company declines to accept this change, then it is the responsibility of the student to be present for the GD/interview. 
    • Registered students should not contact companies directly without the prior knowledge or consent of the Internship office, until internship offers are made to particular students. This includes any form of verbal/written communications including telephonic, electronic or direct conversations.
    • The Companies have been requested to inform the results to the CDC for subsequent release on the portal. Companies have also been requested not to communicate with the students directly. 
    • If a student registered for the internship process, has been offered an Internship off-campus then he/she should immediately inform the CDC for deregistering from the portal.
    • CDC strictly adheres to the notion of "One Student One Offer Norm per year".
    • Dress Code to be followed during internship related activities/interviews - Students (girls and boys) must be properly kempt and wear neat business attire.
    • Students violating the dress code during the Internship activities will not be permitted to attend any further internship activities. 
    • If any student is offered an internship (in the second or third year of study) through CDC, it is mandatory for the student to accept/continue with the internship. If a student rejects/discontinues, then he will be de-registered from the CDC portal and would be ineligible from participating in further Placement process in the Final year. Exceptional cases that deserve reconsideration will be assessed separately and the decision will be taken by the CDC committee.
    • In case the student is offered an academic internship by a foreign university with which IIT Palakkad has an agreement, it is mandatory for the students to accept such an offer and join. This is regardless of their previous offer from any other organization/ institution.