Placement / Internship Procedure

This procedure is valid for job and internship placements through the Career Development Centre (CDC) - IIT Palakkad.  

  1. The Placement/Internship activity starts in the first week of August and continues till end of May in an academic year
  2. All relevant information along with the invitations with the placement timeline will be sent to the recruiters by CDC. Interested recruiters can contact CDC directly by sending a brief email [] elucidating their details.
  3. Individual login credentials will be allotted to all the registered recruiters for their account. The website is the interactive portal of job opportunities.
  4. The recruiters will fill a Job Profile form containing details of the job /Internship and the offer using their online account.
  5. According to the standards set and the eligibility criteria quantified by the recruiter, interested and eligible students should convey their willingness to appear for the recruitment process of a company by applying for the job/ internship online. The details of the students who have applied become available to the organization for downloading or viewing through the CDC account, after verification by the CDC.
  6. Recruiters will shortlist the potential candidates. Recruiters will also maintain a waitlist of student candidates who can be interviewed in the event of non-availability of any shortlisted candidates who have not been through for the recruiting process.
  7. Pre placement talks, tests and personal interviews for the students, organized and conducted by the recruiters, will be scheduled by CDC.
  8. Recruiters will visit the campus/a suitable venue proposed by IIT Palakkad on the allotted date(s) and conduct tests and/or interviews according to their recruitment process.
  9. It is obligatory that the company/recruiter to share the final list of selected candidates only with the CDC.